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Jun 15 2007

lose the v card

No joke, my first blog ever. I figured the ‘rents and some friends might like to know how the world of a novice teacher is going so here here I am.

thus far I am at the end of Induction here in Baltimore. A whirlwind of four days that I’m told is simply a warm up to institute that will be far more exhausting, stressful and useful. I learned a lot in four days- I certainly know more that I did on Monday about how to plan a lesson. And yet I have so far to go. I’ve got those core values down pat though! Just ask anybody sitting in the mercy health clinic for five hours yesterday. who knew you could make “integrity” and “respect and humility” into a dirty joke?!?

the people are great, at least the sixty or so I actually have engaged with here at induction- the other 25 are quite an enigma to me. I am sure it is the same for most of us here but i was undeniably impressed by two girls last night who knew all 84 (or is it 86?) people’s names and won a TFA messenger bag. well deserved.

what makes me most excited from induction are the program directors and some fellow corps members i have interacted with. there is no comparison to the pd’s we have here in bmore, and the corps peeps i have spoken with are on the same page and its so amazing to think we are all united with one goal- eradicating the achievement gap, in baltimore and everywhere. its inspiring. and terrifying.

so now that induction has passed, its back to north carolina to see the parents and actually catch up on those institute readings. traveling for a month since graduation right up to induction definitely made any reading difficult (ok let’s be honest impossible- but i’ve had the damn texts for about a month before that but who can read about being a teacher when you’re trying to write a thesis on women’s underwear?)

seven hour drive, here i come.


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